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Smart Mommas Interview Tonia Bales (Dirty John|Netflix)

December 17, 2019

Eps 6 - We cannot say it enough about this episode! We are all super excited to interview Tonia Bales, ex-wife of John Meehan, who is portrayed on the Netflix & Bravo mini-series called "Dirty John" and documented on the podcast of the same name.

John Meehan was a sociopath, convicted stalker, and spent his life manipulating women for selfish, personal gain, that eventually led to a horrific and tragic end. Tonia is a survivor, who was able to escape his grasp and move on, as a CRNA, a parent, and a woman of strength. We had the opportunity to ask her questions about her relationship with her ex-husband, coping with lies and deceit in what was thought to be a stable marriage, and important signs to look for so that what happened to Tonia, Debra Meehan, and so many other woman does not happen again. 

Tonia Bales is an active member of our CRNA Mom FB group and we are blessed to have her and her story as part of our amazing community. If you are a CRNA Mom and have yet to join our CRNA Mom Facebook group, check out this link to learn more.

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